Best Winter Travel Destinations of 2019

It is that time of the year to gear up for the hectic holiday season! It's time to get shopping, baking, decorating, and the list goes on! Between all the hustle and bustle, hopefully there is time for a small getaway to relax before all the holiday celebrations begin. Your mental wellness is important and we want to remind you to take some time for your family or maybe just for YOU!

PRVT wants to take you on your next adventure! Whether you are looking for a warm beach getaway or a Ski weekend, premier destinations are endless. created a list of the Best Winter Travel Destinations for 2019, each destination is pretty epic. The list includes Oahu, Hawaii; Paradise Island, Bahamas; Salt Lake City, Utah; Las Vegas, Nevada; Iceland; and more! Read the article here, and start planning your winter destination with PRVT!

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