PRVT is a boutique private aviation company that has revolutionized charter flights over the past 10 years. We offer worldwide luxury charters that you can access anywhere, providing you with both luxury service and convenience. Your time is more valuable than ever and PRVT provides you with uncomplicated, relaxing and exclusive packages that will simplify your travel planning.

Private chartering has never been easier.
PRVT is an elite boutique private aviation company, offering only the newest models of aircraft to top destinations and remote locations. If you are looking for seamless travel, loyalty programs and elite travel status, it is time to Fly PRVT and simply enjoy the journey.
Contact our experienced Aviation Consultants at  VIP@flyprvt.com.

PRVT has a 100% recovery rate, even if this requires upgrading you to a better plane (*additional charges may apply)

Provide a white glove medical concierge service – if you are injured while traveling, PRVT has created a unique partnership with Pinnacle Care, an industry leading private medical advisory company.  
This exclusive relationship affords
PRVT clients with access to a menu of travel medical advisory services that are not available to the general public and help ensure you can locate qualified local doctors or specialists in the event of a medical emergency during a trip booked through PRVT.


These types of partnerships are constantly being sourced and implemented in order to ensure that PRVT clients are the recipients of the best available service in the industry.




Our sourcing professionals understand the high safety standards required to be considered a PRVT-approved fleet. All PRVT approved operators have earned the top-level certifications from Argus and/or Wyvern, the most respected third-party industry rating companies for private aviation.



PRVT goes miles beyond our competitors to ensure the security of our clients’ personal information. We’re the only charter broker who is fully PCI compliant, and the only charter broker to offer two-way encrypted communication. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t sell client data for marketing or other purposes. And every vendor and operator we work with adheres to our stringent confidentiality policy.

On the personal side, in order to provide its clients with the highest levels of security, PRVT has established an exclusive relationship with a world-renowned security company - Patriot USA. Your safety on the ground is just as important to us as it is while in the air. This relationship allows PRVT to consistently provide drivers who are trained law enforcement specialists for all clients looking for the extra degree of safety.

Confidentiality – everyone we work with adheres to our strict policy not to share client itineraries or any personal information.

Whether it be for business or pleasure, no one will ever know where you are going unless you choose to tell them.


Many of PRVT’s clients are former card program members and/or fractional ownership holders. These savvy celebrities and captains of industry made the switch when they realized that many of our operating partners are the same as those used by the largest fractional companies in private aviation, including NetJets.



PRVT is the official private charter company of Baker's Bay 

Enjoy exclusive rates to the private island paradise

Baker's Bay Golf & Ocean Club in the Bahamas